Chronor (Cronor to use the Imperial spelling) is the frontier district capital, and has a large naval base with a powerful fleet and several system defense flotillas deployed. The High Council is housed in a large grav-powered “ball” that floats 100 yards above the planet’s surface on a random course. The world’s wealth comes from its status as a main nexus for trade and the Zhodani postal routes (ZPR). Chronor is also home to the headquarters of the Thought Police (Zhodani: Tavrchedl) frontier office, which controls operations in Chronor, Jewell and Querion subsectors.

Chronor’s surface is dominated by vast ice fields punctuated by huge expanses of bare rock. The world has little life of any sort. Most construction is concentrated around the starport area, with the rest of the planet left untouched except for a few isolated outposts.

The Chronor system has no gas giant, and only two other rocky worlds. A large planetoid belt contains little of value, though it is regularly patrolled and supports bases for this purpose. Both minor planets in the system are colonies with a population of under 10,000,000, governed directly from Chronor. Both are iceballs even less appealing than the mainworld.

Starport: A. Consular Naval Base.

Diameter: 5,718 miles (9,200 km).

Atmosphere: Very thin oxygen-nitrogen.

Surface Water: 60% water ice.

Climate: Very cold.

Population: 8,000,000,000.

Government: Chronor High Council.

Law Level: No concealable weapons are permitted. Zhodani law places a high premium on honesty and personal integrity.

Tech Level: 13.


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