Leviathan-class Merchant Cruiser

Designed jointly by Bilstein Yards of Glisten and the Baraccai Technum, the Leviathan class was developed from previous designs and is primarily intended for independent cruising in undeveloped trade areas; high survivability is also a design factor. The vessels are semi-streamlined, allowing skimming refuelling maneuvers as well as landings in types 0 and 1 atmospheres. Atmospheric landings are otherwise impossible, hence the large complement of ship’s boats. Bilstein has made the design available for general sale, and fifteen have been completed (of which three have been lost), four building, and two on order.

Tonnage: 1800 (standard). 25200 cubic meters.
Dimensions: 53.5L x 22.5W x 35.5H.
Crew: 56.
Powerplant: Type 4.
Jump: 3 parsecs; backup 2 parsecs.
Acceleration: 4G constant; backup 2G.
Engineering: One Torgee PL FS62-Y fusion-linked power plant driving two Gayle Field type 77X jump drives (one type 76W backup) and one Bilstein Arg-6Y impulse maneuver drive Alb-5W backup).
Gravities: Ganged Forelle Field generators, with 1G floor fields.
Electronics: Zahinyo 7.4c computer with integral fibre optic backup, and Zahinyo 5.0h auxiliary computer. Integral and manual input fire control.
Range: Unlimited maneuver. One jump (with 580 ton fuel package). 300 days standard supply consumption. Fuel processing can refine crude hydrogen for fuel with on-board plant.
Capacity: 33 staterooms; 4 passengers possible. Six low passage berths. 70 tons cargo space.
Armament: Two dual beam laser turrets, one each dorsal and ventral. Four remote dual beam laser turrets, two each fore and aft. Four nose launch tubes, with drone RPV capability.
Ship’s Boats: One 25.5m Shuttle. One 21m Pinnace. Two 14m Lifeboats. One 3.5m Air/Raft with pressurized cabin.

Most vessels of this successful class remain in service in and about the Spinward Marches. However, three have so far been lost to various causes:

  • Amuar (MC-50247): Failed to return from a mission Outrim, mid 1102. No known cause or survivors.
  • Marcucci (MC-51336): Captured by corsairs 135-1095 in the Quare region of the Vilis subsector. Subsequently identified on a number of occasions in pirate service. Present fate unknown.
  • Mar de Damas (MC-52861): Destroyed off Zaibon in the Lunion subsector 022-1098; mistaken by an Imperial Kokirrak class dreadnought for the Marcucci due to a communications malfunction. Only 15 crew survived.

Leviathan-class Merchant Cruiser

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